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By Alfred Heubeck, Arie Hoekstra

This second ebook of a observation compiled by way of a global crew of students contains an creation discussing prior learn at the Odyssey, its relation to the Iliad, the epic dialect, and the transmission of the textual content.

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Bechert, I 33-5. ninety nine COMMENTARY 367. p. €v-o€: Odysseus' appeal (p. op~; cf. viii a hundred and seventy) is matched through the p£v£s Ja8>.. a{ (ii I I 7) already singled out via Arete (336). 368-9. Alcinous praises Odysseus the story-teller in a lot an identical terllls that Odysseus had praised Demodocus (viii 487-98); cf. additionally Eumaeus' appreciation ofOdysseus' narrative presents (xvii 513-2 I). 369 is in apposition to p. v8ov. 370. = i I69 and so on. 371-2. whereas Arete were such a lot attracted to of heroines Alcinous requests an account of Odysseus' come upon with the ghosts of these who have been his comrades in battle; and so the scene is determined for the account of Odysseus' assembly with Agamemnon, Achilles, and Ajax. 373-6. Alcinous refers again to Odysseus' phrases of 330-1: 'the evening remains to be lengthy, and it's not but time to retire to mattress' (ouo£ 'TTW WP'II EVOEtv 373-4: a. Ua Kat WP'II EV0£1V 330- I). Now eventually, with the invitation to proceed (374), Odysseus' implicit query is spoke back. ci8EacjlaToo;;: cf. vii 273. 8EaKEAa (only right here, 610, and Il. iii 130): 'divinely encouraged' (? ); most likely shaped from 8£o~ ( < *thehos < *dh<~,so-; cf. H. Rix, Kratylos, xiv (I 969), I 79-80) and K£Aop. at; morphologically difficult; Risch, Wortbildung, 218. 377-8. = 354-5 = ix I-2. 379-84. Odysseus replies first to 373-4 with the proverbial-sounding 379, this means that anything like: 'There is certainly time to inform a lot (373-4), however it may additionally be time for drowsing (as i've got pointed out ahead of, 330-1). yet I yield for your wishes'; cf. the same state of affairs at xv 392-6. Odysseus doesn't desire to deny Alcinous (8ov.! w + inf. ) an account of occasions even (Kai) extra heart-rending than what he had requested to listen to (Tothwv (381) refers again to 37I-2), the tale of these who met dying after their go back domestic, by way of the need of a depraved lady. This prepares for the Agamemnon scene; the bills of Achilles and Ajax meet Alcinous' want of 372. 38o. The MS-reading eight£ . ,. 'is very unlikely; Ruijgh, n ipique, 701. 385-6. The account damaged off at 327 is resumed. The ghosts of the heroines initially summoned via Persephone (225-7) at the moment are dispersed by way of the goddess. &t,Aunpclwv (cf. viii 324): 'female'; M. Wittwer, Glotta, xlvii (I970), 57-8. 387-g. = xxiv 20-2. 387. ~>.. BE S' (cf. eighty four, cross) starts off the Agamemnon scene, which maintains until eventually 466. there is not any point out the following of consuming blood (the motiflast seemed at 230-4). This inconsistency is maybe decided by means of the necessity to organize for the come across with the suicide Ajax, who couldn't make for the blood as though thirsting for all times; Reinhardt, 'Abenteuer', I forty. 388-9. ciY1'JyEpd' (plpf. ): 'they have been collected jointly' (subj. a. Uat, se. .. p. oiaw; cf. Wilamowitz, Untersuchungen, I fifty one. 1 I, Schwartz, Odyssee, I47· I, Focke, Odyssee, 220. 2, van der a hundred Valk, Textual feedback, I77, Bona, op.

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